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Home Learning Letter

1 June 2020

Dear parents/carers,

Changes to Home Learning and Communication

As you are aware, from 1st June, we will begin to increase the number of children attending school. As a result, very soon almost all of our teaching staff will now be back in the classroom for the majority of the week. This means that we will need to make changes to the way we do our home learning and home/school communication. Please see the information below for more details.

Home Learning

We will now provide home learning on a weekly basis. All work will be uploaded to the school website on a Monday morning. The work will include some English, Maths and Topic based activities. Some will be activities we have set and some will links to online lessons. All of the work and any important messages will be detailed in the weekly newsletter. It is really important you read this before opening the other files as this will help you navigate what to do and will include links to online lessons. We do not expect you to do it all, but as a guide two or three English and Maths lessons plus a topic activity each week will be sufficient. Please note, we will no longer be posting daily messages.

Children Attending School

We will use the same lessons/activities as the home learning with children in school. For Years 6, 1 and Reception, we will make it clear on the home learning pages which lessons/activities they will be completing if they are in school. Key Worker children, whose days in school may not be consistent, will work through the home learning sequentially.

Emails and Telephone Calls

If you need to contact school, the best way is to use our year group email addresses. We will aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours. If you need to contact us urgently, please call the school office.

We will continue to telephone the parents of any children who are not attending school, although this will be less regularly that last half term. We will call during the week commencing 1st June and then at least once during the remainder of this half term. Please note, if you child is attending school, we will not call you unless you request us to do so. There will be one Zoom meeting this half term for children in Years 2 to 5.

If you need any further information or support please do not hesitate to contact us.


Many Thanks

Miss Anna Hodkin

Deputy Head Teacher