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The Lanes Primary School

KS2 Mindfulness

Mindfulness Sessions for children in KS2


Rattle and Roll Performance run Mindfulness sessions for children in schools. Anna Le Ruez, a fully qualified Mindfulness coach, has been delivering sessions to our children at The Lanes this year. Since she cannot see the children in person at the moment, she has recorded the session she would have delivered to our Year 3 children this week. This session is suitable for all our KS2 children to access.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means paying attention to what is happening in the present moment with an attitude of kindness and openness.


There are now many thousands of research studies showing the beneficial effects of mindfulness in a variety of different settings. In 2017 the UK's Centre for Translational Research recommended mindfulness training in schools for both its preventative and therapeutic effects. 


Research shows that Mindfulness can improve the mental, emotional, social and physical health and well –being of young people.  It can also reduce stress, anxiety, reactivity, and challenging behaviour whilst improving sleep and self-esteem. It can help young people to pay greater attention, become more focused, use existing knowledge effectively, improve working memory, problem solving and reasoning skills (Weare 2012).


Mindfulness can be really helpful at supporting well-being and resilience which we know are so important especially during these challenging times.


Watching the videos

During the practises we are still and quiet.


If at all possible we recommend the video is watched with a parent or carer, and if not possible then an adult is in a room close by. Learning can then also be reinforced by conversation about the experience.


Children often report a sense of happiness and calm after a Mindfulness session.


Very occasionally the practices may bring up difficult feelings. If you are really struggling at the moment or feeling very stressed we recommend you leave the video for now and come back to it when you are feeling better. 


Mindfulness - The Lanes Week 1

Mindfulness - The Lanes Week 2

Mindfulness - The Lanes Week 3

Mindfulness The Lanes - Week 4

Mindfulness The Lanes Week 5

Mindfulness The Lanes - Week 6