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Home Learning 19-20

Dear Year 3 parents and carers, 


We have been working hard to put together some work for your children to do when we are off school. Here are some ideas to get you started and some links to websites that you can use. Please make sure that you keep reading together and practise your spellings.  Also, make use of the outdoors if and when you can. 

We can’t wait to see all your amazing work in your books when you come back to school!   

Keep well and stay safe,  

The Year 3 Team.  

What we’d like you to do:

  • We will add Maths and English activity ideas for your child every day. You will see a daily fluency activity and some maths activities taken from ‘Power Maths’.  If you look at the Power Maths lesson, it will include advice on what methods your child needs to use.  You will see ‘challenge’ activities that are, well, challenging! Some of your children may choose to attempt these activities, others may need a little help from you.
  • 2 Handwriting unit sheets will be posted weekly for your child to practise the joins we’ve been learning this term.
  • Spellings for this term will be on the class page.  Use them to revise previous weeks and learn the next 2 weeks’ words.
  • A list of suggested reading for year 3 will also be on the class page.  Some of you already have this in your reading diaries.  Some of your children will be able to read these independently, others may prefer you to read to them.
  • Our topic web is on the class page.  Look at it for further ideas of what your child has been learning.



Here are some useful websites:

  • Topmarks Has games for many curriculum subjects.  It’s particularly good for Maths.
  • Oxford Owl  They have tips and advice on reading with your child and a free elibrary which contains many books including Project X, which some of your children enjoy.  You do need to join, but it is free.
  •  Some activities for you to try, including seeing how many books a piece of paper can support when rolled into a column.