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The Lanes Primary School

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The Lanes Primary School

Who's Who

Our Staff - Sept 2020


Head Teacher

Mrs J Revill


Deputy Head Teachers

Mrs M Brown (SENCO)  

Miss A Hodkin


Teaching Staff


Miss E Layton

 Mrs R Darke

Miss F Jowett


Miss S Buckley

 Mrs K Tasker

Mrs R Verey


Mrs J Johnston

 Mrs G Roy

Miss A Ziesler


Mrs J Stevens

 Miss N Williams

Miss L Boyle


Mrs H Baker

 Mr A Donington

Miss L Strickland


Mrs D Sherwin

 Miss T Malone

Mr M Nunez


          Mrs L Wignell Mr K Cupit          Mr J Adams  

Mr P Wilkins

 Mr D White

         Mr T Grain


Miss C Hodkin

 Miss H Clarke

Mrs C O'Connor - Chilwell Family SENCo


Mrs M Caldwell

 Mr C Cudworth



Teaching Assistants


Mrs E Allcoat (Senior TA)

Mrs L Ireland

Mrs V Aikens

Ms S Ashmore

Mrs S Atkinson

Miss P Miles

Mr M Butler

Mrs H Carre

Mrs L Sormaz

Miss A Cook

Mrs T Daisley

Miss R Beighton

Mrs C Green

Miss L Gosling

Ms N Wagstaff

Mrs R Moore

Miss A Shepherd

Mrs B Butcher


Office Staff


Mrs J Colton - School Business Manager 

Ms J Gosling  - Office & Premises Manager

Mrs K Couchman - Admin Assistant

Mrs L Boardman - Clerical Assistant


Midday Supervisors / Play Leaders


Mrs E Harrison (Senior)

Mrs A Bird

Mrs R Brown

Mrs M PIckwell

Mrs M Bamford

Mrs S Mizsei

Mrs M Johnson

Mrs G Bosworth

Mrs D Bowes

Miss A Shepherd (Senior)

Mrs D Gashi

Mr A Burrows

Mr P Boyd

Mrs J Gale

Mrs D Booth

Mrs N Coleman

Miss A Cook

Mrs R Hillier

Mrs L Newbutt

Mrs K Church

Mrs M Bunka



Caretakers & Cleaning Staff


Mr D Norman ( Cator Lane Site)

Mr P Boyd ( Meadow Lane Site)

Mrs M Bamford

Mrs V Waiman


Kitchen Staff


Ms A Smith - Cook Supervisor (Cator Lane Site)

Ms J Monger - Cook Supervisor (Meadow Lane Site)

Mrs D McAree - Kitchen Assistant

Miss L Marks - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Gill - Kitchen Assistant





September return to school information can be found under Parents/September return to school information. If you need any additional help there is a list of phone numbers and websites under News and Events, Useful Contacts