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The Lanes Primary School

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The Lanes Primary School

School Council


At The Lanes Primary School we have an active and inclusive School Council that is made up of two elected members from each class.


The council meets with Mrs Revill to discuss children’s views and help make decisions about how to improve the school further. They also help to raise money for the school and charities. They will talk in assemblies about what the School Council are doing and report back to their class about upcoming events, and ask for their opinions on how to improve our school even more. In the past they have been involved in the interview for the Head teacher and Deputy Head teacher.


School council meetings are held regularly at both sites and the whole school council meets termly. Class council meetings are also held and the feedback from these is discussed when the school council meets.

School Council Members

 M7 – Maddison  and Sophie 


M3 - Lyra  and Simos 


M2 – Betsy and Zwok 

2AZ – Nina and Kaiden  
2LB – Ava and William  
2HL – Nathan and Millie  
3TG – Mollie and Monty  
3DW – Lottie and Liam  
3NW – Tia and Elizabeth  
4JA – Elizabeth and Hudson  
4MS – Eliza and Jack  
4CC – Jessie and Finley  
5MN – Seth, Emily and Emma  
5PW – Elis and Lucy  
5AD – Henry and Lily  
6KC – Oli and Amie  
6BH – Poppy and Sophia  
6JS – Caspar