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PE and Sport Premium 2018-19

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


Key Stage 1 PE Report

Children in Reception and Year 1 had the opportunity to experience many extra curricular activities at the Meadow Lane site last year. 

During the Autumn and Spring terms, children were taught by a Dance teacher during their PE sessions and were able to experience a variety of different dancing styles, music and choreography.  Using their amazing dance skills, a small group of Year 1 children had the chance to dance in a festival in May which they performed remarkably well in.  As they were so brilliant, they also performed to children at the Meadow Lane site their dance ‘Be our Guest.’

The Spring term saw Reception and Year 1 children being inspired by some fantastic gymnastics teaching from Richard at Born2Bounce.  He was able to deliver some incredible lessons where children developed balance, agility, and control as well as learning to safely forward roll.  It was amazing to see children using the apparatus in many different ways and gaining the confidence to try new skills. 

In the Summer term, children at the Meadow Lane site had the opportunity to participate in cricket sessions with a cricket coach from the local cricket club.  He taught them a number of new skills including throwing, catching, batting, fielding and children absolutely loved the sessions.  Next year, the cricket coach will be coming into the Meadow Lane site again to deliver more outstanding cricket lessons.

The after school clubs at the Meadow Lane site were a huge success.  Children had access to a wide variety of different activities including tennis, gymnastics, baking, lego, french, multiskills and choir clubs before and after school.  Children and parents shared with staff how much they enjoyed these clubs and how much they would like to participate in extra curricular clubs next year.  It has been great to see so many children enjoying many different sports and activities outside of school and having the opportunity to work with new children, make new friends, socialise and have fun!


Key Stage 2 PE report

In a bid to improve our children’s swimming strokes and water confidence, The Lanes Primary School organised a new timetable, giving our Year 4 children both Autumn and Spring terms in the water - a considerable increase in time. This resulted in a substantial number of the cohort achieving the national standard for swimming for Year 6 children – that’s two whole years early!  The Summer term saw catch up swimming sessions for years 4-6 taking place and it was brilliant to see the effort and progress made.  

We have taken full advantage of extra funding again this year and the children have greatly benefitted from the sports specialists we have employed. Like KS1, our year 3 children also enjoyed the expertise of Richard from Born2Bounce, delivering quality gymnastics which developed fantastic movement sequences for all.  Year 6 children were similarly inspired and challenged, achieving results that echoed Richard’s professionalism.  Year 3 also enjoyed being taught cricket by Joseph for a number of weeks.  His excellent work with the children prompted us to rebook him for the current autumn term, teaching all children cricket games they can organise for themselves at playtimes.  

Year 5 children improved their badminton skills, guided by Norman, Tyneside’s finest. His ‘Sin Bin’ game has become legendary at Cator Lane – feared and loved by all!  In the Summer, Nick from Chilwell Tennis Club inched many of our year 4 and 6 children towards Wimbledon, improving their tennis skills.


In the summer term, Year 6 children went ice skating, with instruction and guidance from the Ice Centre’s coaches, followed by a lengthy free session on the ice.  It was brilliant to see how skilled our children were, (especially with some moving backwards!) and how determined to try again after falling over!


The Broxtowe Active Sports programme has enabled a lot of our children to become involved in sports, with out of school events run on a competitive or festival type ‘have a go’ basis, and included cheerleading, tag rugby and hockey. The Lanes won the latter competition and represented Broxtowe in the area championship. Two of our children won a trophy in a croquet event. We will continue to improve the quality of our PE delivery and give a wide variety of sporting experiences to our children and, once again, are very grateful for the sports premium funding.

September return to school information can be found under Parents/September return to school information. If you need any additional help there is a list of phone numbers and websites under News and Events, Useful Contacts