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The National Curriculum for Mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils:  

• become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, including through varied and frequent practice with increasingly complex problems over time, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.  

reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language.  

• can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions.  


At The Lanes, we want to ensure teaching is consistent with all lessons considered as highly effective, so that every pupil receives a great mathematics education. Our ambition is that all children will leave The Lanes with a love of maths and a deep understanding of the fundamentals in key areas.  


We aim for all of our children to be strong mathematicians who:  

• have a strong conceptual understanding of maths, its structures and its relationships;  

• can recall and apply their knowledge confidently and efficiently;  

• are secure in using written methods for which they have a clear understanding.  


We aim to place problem-solving and investigative skills at the heart of our mathematics teaching. The expectation is that all children welcome challenge and that teachers foster the attitude that we all, even the most able among us, should expect to struggle. Through careful assessment, planning and preparation we aim to ensure that all children progress when they are ready. Pupils who grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems before any acceleration through new content. Those who are not sufficiently fluent with earlier material should be provided with the opportunity to consolidate their understanding. 

Calculations Policy

Math Moments KS2

Math Moments Year 2

Math Reception Reception - Year 1

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September return to school information can be found under Parents/September return to school information. If you need any additional help there is a list of phone numbers and websites under News and Events, Useful Contacts